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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Bangor, Ellsworth and Brewer

Back in Balance Wellness Center offers a complete menu of massage services and packages from our experienced massage therapist. Massage therapy is used to treat a variety of issues from stress and headaches to muscle pain relief and shoulder tightness. If you are in search of massage therapy in Bangor, Ellsworth and Brewer, ME, Back in Balance is here to help. One of our most intensive forms of massage therapy is deep tissue massage. There are specific ailments a deep tissue massage can address and other health benefits a deep tissue massage offers.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is more intensive than other forms of massage, designed to reach into the soft tissues of a specific area of the body. It can promote healing, offering long-term pain relief. It improves blood circulation and can break up scar tissue deep under the skin. Getting a deep tissue massage can be a workout for both the patient and our massage therapist.

What Are the Ailments A Deep Tissue Massage in Bangor, Ellsworth and Brewer Can Help Resolve?

Our deep tissue massage therapy in Bangor, Ellsworth and Brewer can help provide relief from a variety of issues. It can help in lessening chronic back pain. It can help lower your blood pressure. A deep tissue massage breaks up scar tissue to help promote healing and flexibility and is used to improve recovery from sports injuries and enhance athletic performance. Patients have reported relief from the symptoms of arthritis and it has also been effective in helping with labor pain and delivery. Like all of our massages, our deep tissue massage can reduce stress and muscle tension.

Our deep tissue massages are also often used to complement our other chiropractic and acupuncture services to help promote healing, pain relief and wellness. It is just one of our many massage therapy services that can help get your body in better alignment and balance.

Other Massage Services and Packages

Along with our deep tissue massage, Back in Balance offers a range of services from our massage therapist. Massage therapy packages include our Mommy Massage package, a Soothing Slow Motion Swedish Massage, our Executive Stress Buster, Massage on the Rocks hot stone massage, and our Stilleto Blues foot massages. Many appreciate the multiple benefits of Best of Show signature relaxation massage. For injury recovery or to reduce stress of every day life, contact Back in Balance Wellness Center.

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