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Fertility & Pregnancy

Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy in Bangor, ME

As joyous as the prospect of adding a new member to your family may be, the road to pregnancy can be a difficult and frustrating one for many would-be parents. Whether the underlying cause is a male fertility issue or an underlying disorder affecting the female reproductive system, you may be wondering what you can do if modern medical techniques seem to be failing you. That's when it's good to know you have access to ancient healing modalities that can safely and effectively improve your odds of conception. Here at Back in Balance Wellness, we're proud to help our Bangor-area patients by providing acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy.

Fertility and Pregnancy acupuncture.

Common Barriers to Fertility

A large number of things have to go right for conception to occur. An egg must be produced and properly nurtured by the the female reproductive system long enough for a sperm cell to fertilize it -- and that egg may need to exposed to millions of sperm cells before one sperm cell actually succeeds in that fertilization. Unfortunately, any barrier to this delicate process can hinder fertility, including:

  • Sperm production and quality issues - Sperm production levels have dropped off significantly over the last half-century. This is especially damaging to fertility prospects when you consider that many men also produce an abnormally high number of defective or non-motile sperm.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) - PCOS is a common cause of female infertility. Your ovaries may produce plenty of follicles but no actual egg. This condition also causes abnormal menstrual cycles and hormonal imbalances.
  • Unknown causes - You can have trouble getting pregnant even if your reproductive processes have passed all the standard medical tests. This particularly-frustrating phenomenon may be due to tiny imbalances that subtly add up to major dysfunction.

How IVF Acupuncture Support Can Help

Acupuncture can serve as a remarkable corrective modality in support of in-vitro fertilization (IV), donor-egg transfer and/or fertility drugs. That's because this versatile technique can influence your physical functions to behave more normally. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specific needle groupings improve flow of qi, or life energy, throughout the body. In modern medical terms, the needles influence your nervous system to help it normalize your reproductive system's hormonal and circulatory functions. IVF acupuncture can be performed both before and after the IVF procedure, although the points used will differ.

Acupuncture can improve both male and female fertility. In males, it increases both sperm motility and the number of healthy sperm. In females, it can stabilize the blood supply an hormone levels for PCOS sufferers; it can also improve your body's physical processes just enough to remove those undetectable barriers to pregnancy.

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