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Chiropractic Testimonials

“I have had ongoing spells of back pains for 20 years, and received treatments by several Chiropractors. Some of the treatments did not do a lot of good, and caused more pain in my pocketbook. Proper care of our bodies’ pains requires routine follow up visits. You must realize that your body did not get that way over night, nor should you expect it to be cured that fast. However it helps if you’re Doctor pinpoints the pain to start with. This is exactly what Back in Balance Wellness Center has done for me! A few years ago my pains became severe. My primary care physician ran every test on me that exist. Due to the nature of the pain moving around my back, they decided it must be kidney stones, however, none showing in the x-rays. Pain medication, muscle relaxers, pain patches, back ointment, massage did not work. I was reluctant to go a chiropractor again, but decided to give it one more try. The only one open for me was 50 miles away. I was put through a few very short tests and told my pains were originating from my rib cage. One hour later I was at least relieved of the pain by 75%. Started 2 visits per week, then once a week, every other week, to once per month. I was starting to think that I was terminal before this. I find the cost of the visits to be very reasonable. Have tried a couple of other chiropractors near to me, but decided that the 100 mile round trip was worth it.”

- Susan E

“I had painful back problems off and on for many years. Since I started going to Back In Balance about two years ago I have had absolutely no problems and plan to start running again which I was forced to give up for several years prior to my Back In Balance experience. I wish I had found them 20 years ago; they are FANTASTIC and I would highly recommend them to any and all who suffer. ”

- Sherman C

“What a difference these sessions has made for me in regards to how I feel! I came in because of foot and back issues. Wow, I am amazed at what ongoing adjustments can do. My foot issues are not "cured" but they feel so much better. No issues with my back. Highly recommend Back in Balance. ”

- Gail G

“I have told many people about Back in Balance. I could go closer to home, but I'll stay with you all. You are all amazing and treatment is just what I need each month. Thank you all.”

- Suzanne T

“I recommend Back in Balance above all chiropractic centers. I am willing to drive 60 plus miles because they provide friendly, excellent, professional services. I give them an A+.” 

- Melinda M.