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Corporate Chiropractic & Massage Events

Our dedicated health and wellness team, located in Bangor, ME, partners with companies to bring on-site chiropractic care to you! Our corporate wellness programs are designed to provide an overall approach to employee’s health and our chiropractor in Bangor is the perfect partner for your programs. Let Back in Balance Wellness Center help your workforce today!

woman receiving massage at corporate massage event with Bangor Chiropractor

Back in Balance Wellness Center Brings Services to You

We bring our services to you to host corporate chiropractic and massage events including:

Employee and Customer Appreciation Days - When you want a day to show your employees and customers that they are valued, Back in Balance Wellness Center is here to support your efforts. With our holistic approach to health and our positive attitude, we are available to spend the day with your business. We educate employees and customers on the importance of a natural approach that encompasses lifestyle, nutritional and postural guidance.

Health Fairs - A company health fair is a wonderful way to bond with your employees and also bring customers to your business. Health fairs provide a variety of opportunities for learning such as exercise instruction, nutritional support, spinal screenings, acupuncture information and the benefits of massage. Dr. Robin Gooden and Dr. Daniel Robinson, our chiropractors, are happy to set up a health fair for your corporate event.

Wellness Workshops - Our chiropractors offer lunch & learn presentations, in which your employees can relax, learn and rejuvenate for the remainder of the work day. You select from 8 different topics to find the ones that best suit your company's vision.

Spinal Health Screenings - Let our chiropractors visit your company and provide spinal and postural health screenings to your employees. This pain-free diagnostic tool provides a look into underlying conditions such as scoliosis, old injuries or work positions that may be contributing to poor performance. When the spine is aligned, work competency improves and that benefits the company as a whole.

Wellness Screenings - Our doctors are available for wellness screenings. We take a look at how the body functions as a unit and make suggestions for areas of improvement. This might include chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy, postural changes, or nutritional guidance.

Corporate Chair Massage - Imagine the look of peace on your employee's face after a chair massage in the office. Our massage therapists bring their corporate massage skills to you and help reduce tension, anxiety and stress. Your workers return to their jobs feeling less stressed and able to concentrate. This is a great way to reward employees after completing a large project or reaching a goal.

Ergonomic Services - Our team provides work station checks to ensure your employees are not creating lasting problems in their neck, back, shoulders and hips. Often, small adjustments in the chair or computer height make a large difference in performance. When an employee feels better, they also reduce their absenteeism and boost morale.

For more information on the variety of corporate wellness services that Back in Balance Wellness Center brings to you, please call us today at 207-947-8077.