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Knee Pain

Our Treatment for Knee Pain in Bangor, ME

The moment your knee pain begins to affect your daily life or performance activity, that's the moment you need to pay us a visit in Bangor. At Back in Balance Wellness Center, we have the utmost professionals on staff to assist your overall well-being. From acupuncture to physical therapy, to chiropractic care, to massage, our dedicated team provides comprehensive health to restore your knee mobility and ease your pain. 

If you encounter a sports injury, our chiropractor is the starting point person to guide you through the healing process. After a thorough checkup and examination, discovering any underlying symptoms or possible knee pain causes through your health history, our chiropractic team offers spinal alignments that target where your body is out of balance. Oftentimes, knee pain is treated through a series of manual manipulations that offer restored homeostasis to bring your posture back into alignment, which ultimately affects the lower joints of the body.

knee pain

How Knee Pain Responds to Several Types of Healing

Our treatments are wide-ranging and each one lends itself to your lifelong wellness. Once you've had the exam and adjustment with the chiropractor, he then suggests the next step which is typically massage, acupuncture, dietary changes, and physical therapy. The Back in Balance healing professionals understand how certain triggers throughout the body can land in the weakest link of your body.

If your knees are susceptible to injury due to poor diet, stress from overtraining in sport, or a genetic predisposition to joint problems, our Bangor skilled masters provide topnotch rehabilitation tactics to ease your knee pain and get to the root of the problem. It may take several appointments and several different healing methods to discover which one works the best for your body, however, we go to extra lengths to research why the pain is settling in your knee and what to do next.

By offering physical therapy, you'll benefit from specific exercise guidelines we give for joint mobility and to discuss nutrition options. Dietary choices do affect how the body heals. If you subject yourself to an inflammatory diet on a constant basis, energy limitations will persist. 

For those suffering from a sports injury, our caring team is well-versed on how the impact of specific sports goes directly to the knee areas. We believe in R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Massage and acupuncture are two much-needed post therapy and spinal manipulation modalities. Both offer gentle relief and increased blood flow to the affected pain site.

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