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Parents: Never, Ever Feed This To Your Kids!

Thanks to the Standard American Diet, the average child is consuming the equivalent of a five pound bag of sugar every ten days. Parents, you may not realize the sugar content in the foods you are feeding your kids. It is time to start reading the ingredients list on every single package you bring home from the grocery store. Sugar hides in even the most unexpected places, and the health of your family depends on your ability to keep it out of your pantry as much as possible. Here is why:

Emotional Stress and Your Spine

People have no problem understanding how a physical stress, such as falling, lifting, or repeated motions, can cause damage to the spine and nervous system.  On the other hand, chemical and emotional stresses may be a little more difficult to understand.

Cost of Food

People often think eating healthier foods is more expensive. Here's a great photo from The New York Times (9/11) that takes care of that myth. It doesn't even mention all the money you save from less drugs, fewer doctors' visits, less work and school days missed, etc. -- and you get a better quality of life both now and later!