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Drop that Allergy Medication: Have you tried chiropractic?

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you already know this allergy season is in full swing. Many experts predicted this season would be one of the worst, but would patients of chiropractic agree?More on this in a minute.

May and June = Trees and Grass Pollens

These two months are tough for those who suffer from tree and grass pollens. These two, along with weed pollen and mold spores, are the four most common triggers. And this isn’t just affecting a few people. Over 17 million adults were diagnosed in 2014—and nearly 7 million children. (Can you picture a sweet little two-year-old with itchy, watery eyes and an incessant sneeze? Don’t do it. You’ll just be sad.) And to top it all off, the 2015 season is supposed to be longer than usual.

Spring into Wellness: Tips for a Healthy Season

Spring is the perfect time to fine-tune your focus on living a wellness lifestyle. No matter what your passion: working out, spring cleaning or managing seasonal allergies, Back in Balance Wellness Center shares tips you can use to make this your healthiest season yet!

Choose Chiropractic Care First

When it comes to health and healthcare in the United States, most would agree we have many issues. Not only is the overall state of health in this country rather poor, but our system of "treating" illness, disease and injuries is focused on quick fixes, after-the-fact treatments and short-term care. The chiropractic community has set out to change this model-and you're a part of that change!

At Back in Balance Wellness Center, we provide our patients drug and surgery-free solutions to all too common conditions like back pain, neck pain, headaches and more. Here's a bit more on conservative care-and why it's an important approach to improving your health and staying well.